Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Week +

It’s been one and a half weeks since the Kiddo fell and broke his leg. We spent several days and a few sleepless nights dealing with pain issues. The mornings have been the best part of the day. The Kiddo normally stays in bed (sitting propped up in his corner) and reading books for a few hours before breakfast.

2-11-2011 reading

On Saturday I had a conversation about school with the Kiddo. He was asking when he got to go back and I had to explain that it would be over a week because we had to wait for his leg to heal enough so that it wouldn’t get hurt again. He was very upset, he knew that meant missing Monday and the class Valentines Day party. He cried harder during that conversation then he did when he broke his leg! So I told him we’d see how he felt on Monday and decide then. Either way we had to make his cards to give his class so we rolled him up to the table and set him to work.

2-11-2011 making valentines (1)……..2-11-2011 making valentines (2)

27 kids, I think he labeled ten of the cards before I had to take over… the pain medication and awkward angle made his writing very difficult and sloppy.

On Sunday we took our first trip outside. It was a warm sunny day and perfect for a walk. I gotta tell you it’s a lot of work getting him down the stairs. At least two trips up and down depending on where we are going. One with the wheelchair, then another lugging him, then back up to grab any extra stuff and lock the door. But we made it down okay, and we spent two hours walking around the complex. Of course during the whole walk he refused to admit to any pain (check out his foot, you can tell his leg is hurting when he tilts it up like that)… It was a great test on how much work it was going to be to get him outside (and then back inside).

2-13-2011 first walk outside

When Monday morning rolled around he was determined that he was going to the party. I finally decided that it was worth the effort to take him and made him promise he’d be okay if we had to leave early.

2-14-2011 valentines class party

I stuck by his side the entire time and made sure that he didn’t get bumped. I handed out his cards for him, and he got to color, spread icing on cookies, and eat some of his candy. He said “it’s JUST like Halloween!!”… *sigh* the only reason I put candy on the Kiddo’s cards was because I thought with him not being able to go it would make him feel like his were more special… but I guess candy with V-Day cards is the norm now; and, after seeing how many other kids did it I was really glad I’d put candy on his too (so he didn’t feel like he ‘stood out’).

Since then each day has been a little better with the pain and swelling. Tuesday he had his follow up appointment and x-ray, the doctor said things looked really good and that he wont need to see the Kiddo until March 11th. After the appointment we took a trip to the DMV to get ourselves a handicap parking placard. For the next two months I get to park right up close to whatever place I’m going. It’ll be a big relief to not have to worry about if somebody parks next to me or not (if they did I’d have to pull the car out before being able to put the kiddo in).

Wednesday we had our well child visit. Really they couldn’t do much as far as examining him goes. But they did interview us/him for ADD tendencies. Our Pediatrician said that she thought it sounded like he had some of the signs; but, that she’d like for us, and his teacher, to fill out a Conner’s survey. Once that's done we take them back in to her (next Thursday) and she’ll evaluate the answers to get a better idea of where he stands.

This morning was his best morning yet. He woke up at 9:15 full of cheerful energy. He asked to play with his toys … and he was very specific, he wanted to sit on his floor and have his airport, race track, and town surrounding him. I told him we’d see what we could do and between the two of us we figured out a way..

2-17-2011 playing…….2-17-2011 playing with breakfast

He played in there with those toys for almost five hours (with a breakfast break in the middle). I’m glad he’s feeling so much more like himself! I’m nervous about him going back to school next week, I assume I’ll have to spend several days (at least) in the classroom with him. Hopefully by the end of the week his Teacher will be set enough that I wont need to anymore. We’ll see *fingers crossed*

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Lady D said...

It's kinda hard to believe it's already been over a week since the accident. See time is flying by already :)


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