Saturday, February 5, 2011

a story and updates

I keep half an eye on CupCake at all times. She's behaving a lot better now then she was when we first got her, but she still has her moments. More to the point though, I have an almost six year old running around and he tends to drop things on the floor. It's up to me to tell her to drop those things and then put them where they go. 99% of the time those things are NOT toys (she knows better), usually they're food. Not big piece of food but the tiny ones the dried shriveled pieces of corn are her usual favorite. She'll play with one of those for hours!

This morning she had a pea. She started playing with it in the livingroom near the Kiddo (who was on the couch watching his morning tv shows). I walked over to her...

me: He you, what do you have?

Her: (jump jump pounce lick jump)...

Me: alright, drop it!

Her: (grumble, slurp, grumble... spits it out)

Me: What the heck? A pea?? Where did you get a pea?

Kiddo: (laughing so hard he nearly falls off the couch) What did you say mom? a pee? cupcake was playing with pee? (more laughter)

Yeah, he's reached the potty humor stage *sigh*

And the updates.

First day back to school for me is March 8th. I took a four day workshop this past week to help teach me how to use their online learning system. I spent at least three hours a day finishing up the exercises and writing question answers. I aced it. I think I have one or two more of those types of things before my actual first day, but the fact that I did well on this first one is encouraging.

Two weeks after messing up my tendons I think they are almost better. I woke up and took Cupcake out this morning with almost no pain. As long as I remember to stay off them during the day, and prop them up when possible, they don't hurt. That's a huge improvement over a week ago so I'm confident in their healing. Still it'll be several more weeks before I'm back to running form.

The Mans home. He flew in last night. We get one weekend day (today) and then it's back to the grind. We're all glad to have him home.


C said...

Well, ya know, it isn't necessarily just a stage. I seem to recall his grannie commenting about "somebody peed on the table" as she picked up food off the tablecloth (insert a wide-eyed innocent look here).

Lady D said...

I gotta add that since he is a boy he is never gonna grow out of it. It's always funny to them lol

Gwyneth said...

I've always said that he gets his sense of humor (and smarts) from his Grannie... :D


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