Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In the mornings Cupcake usually wakes up somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30. the Kiddo is almost always up around 8, but on those days when he’s not… well she gets a little restless.

She really doesn’t like it when he gets up late. Yeah she likes her alone morning time, we go out then she plays for a few minutes, eats breakfast, plays for a few more, and then starts her pacing. She takes toys to the front of his door and plays with them there, she comes to ‘get me’ and takes me to his door, she whines and paces.

2-2-2011 waiting

She isn’t trained yet to alert to him being sick but she does notice when he’s not himself so the first time she did this I got a little scared, but now I know she just wants her playmate up to be with her. When he finally does get up we go through about 10 minutes of morning wrestling, and it’s on with our day.

2-2-2011 wrestling good morning (1)…….2-2-2011 wrestling good morning (2)

2-2-2011 wrestling good morning (3)

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