Monday, September 29, 2008


Well I have to say that much as I wanted to post over the weekend I was just to busy and/or to lazy! When Kev is home I end up spending a lot of time doing things with him and not nearly as much time doing my household chores and daily routine.

This weekend Kevin had an interview, I went shooting and Chance had his first sleepover with his cousin. I'll write more on the shooting trip in another post. Kevins interview went pretty well we think, now it's a wait and see type situation (isn't is always?).

I think the sleepover went well too. We dropped him off at my sister in laws house around 3:30. We were there at 2 but were a bit early and had to go find something to occupy out time till she was ready. So we took a quick trip to babies R us. I don't normally shop there but they have the potty seat I wanted to pick up for Chance. I've read all sorts of reviews on all sorts of styles (his current one leaks a lot) and it's the one that consistently gets a lot of positive feedback. It's the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer seat and it's all plastic, and ONE piece so I don't have to disassemble it to clean it!! Plus it is flatter so it's easier for him to get up onto it. Anyway we found it in the store and they were having a sale 15% off. Not to mention I found the fold up travel toilet seat for 9 bucks (vs the 12 I've been seeing it for online). So I spent a little money and I saved a little money and he had a good easy to use/clean potty seat to take with him to the sleepover. Which made me feel good. Even better I gather he went to bed at 10:30 and slept until 5:45 which for him is extremely early to get up but pretty normal for the actually going to sleep part. Oh we put him in bed at 8:30 but he talks to himself and plays with his stuffies till much later then that.

It was odd not having him around that night, and sadly really really nice to get to sleep in the next morning. I missed him though. When we went to pick him up he was pretty glad to see us UNTIL he figured out we were taking him home. Then he cried and cried. I kept thinking jeez is home really all that bad? Of course here there aren't other kids to play with and I'm immune to his cute'ness so I guess it probably is a little more fun there. It made me a little sad though when he cried like that.

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