Monday, September 29, 2008

basically a beginner

I knew it was going to be a little sketchy, but if you're going to find out you lost most of your shooting skills at least do it in a place as pretty as this!!

I knew I had lost a lot, practice makes perfect and not practicing makes you very NOT perfect. Not that I was perfect before but at least I wasn't an embarrassment to my husband!

Grip and stance seemed to stay with me fairly well but breathing control and "squeeze" up and took a vacation. I am glad we took this "first" trip out, to a non range location. I knew it wouldn't be pretty but I was hoping to have retained a little more. I suppose four years (yes, FOUR years) and a baby (now toddler) have a way of messing with things learned.

Any rate we took my Ruger and Kevins Glock 23 out. We did an approximate 9/10 yard distance and for the most part I shot while he watched and tried to correct. I think my biggest problems were breathing and over compensating (anticipating) for the kick (in the .40) as I generally shot low. I need to focus more on the breath in/out/in then halfway out and hold before I squeeze. Though I must admit in a quick firing situation I'm a little unsure how that works.

Next weekend hopefully we'll go to a range. I think now that we know I need serious work to get me back to a competent level we'll be making a better effort to get out and shoot. I'm sure my husband isn't having a problem with that idea.

Hey and before you think too badly of me I DID hit the target virtually every single time, and I generally hit the black or red. I mean sure it was only 10 yards but that's about as far as it is from one side of the room to the other in my apt, and the area I was hitting was about the size of a mans torso, so he'da been stopped, which is the ultamate goal is it not?

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Breda said...

hooray! welcome back to the shooting world!


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