Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dress up..

Yesterday, all yesterday, the Kiddo was a superhero. He made himself a cape and waited impatiently for the Man to get home so they could "be superhero's and go rescue girls!" When we asked him who he was rescuing the girls from he said "from dragons".

I didn't get a picture (but I'm sure he'll do it again sometime soon so you'll get one eventually).

Today he's moved on from superhero to sort of a cowboy soldier combo. He wants to ride a motorcycle though not a horse. And hasn't really said that he is going to rescue anybody yet so I don't think he's got a mission yet, I'm sure he will soon though..

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360_gandering said...

Maybe the youngun's got his Grannie's dreams: pack up gear to protect you from the dangers of the trail, mount your trusty steed-of-choice, and head out to see the world (I grew up wanting to be a drifter type of cowboy).


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