Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The Kiddo has really been into superhero’s lately, the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, pretty much every superhero I can think of has been in one of those groups at some point or other. Between that and Transformers his reading lately has been filled with fights to save humanity.

9-3-2011 reading (4)

Considering all of that it really came as no surprise when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said he wanted to be a superhero. He wanted to be Iron Man, or maybe Wolverine, or maybe… Finally I stopped him and asked why he didn’t just be his own superhero. He gave me an odd look, but I explained that if he had his own superhero team (he does, he calls them the Naturals and has recruited most of his extended family along with a few friends) then he should probably pick his “own” power and name.

He thought about that for a few minutes, and then decided he would be Ghost Man. His power is to turn invisible so that the bad guys can’t seem him or hurt him. He also throws ghost bombs (of course) because you have to have weapons in order to beat the baddies.

So I have no idea what the final costume will look like, I do know it will have a cape though, and the cape will be covered in spirits.

9-5-2011 spirit cape pattern

I’ve got the fabric already and hopefully I can get the cape done quickly, I’m starting now so I will be sure to have plenty of time to work on it around my classes. I am thinking that the body suit will just be a blank turtle neck and black sweats, then I can add a little bit of design to them and not spend to much time working on it, we’ll see. Somewhere along the way I also have to figure out a superhero utility belt, with a ghost buckle.


Taemin said...

hm...ghost bombs are pretty clever. I've haven't heard of any invisible projectile weapons before. I'm sure my nerdy friends have, but I'm still impressed.

C said...

Superhero suit usually have boots. Could you make something like a combination spats and gaiters out of dark fabric that would be a different enough texture from his pants to appear to be boots? (don't want it to look like he pulled socks over his shoes, though).

And a random thought: schools tend to have a zero-tolerance policy for anything that even vaguely resembles weapons, so make sure that the utility belt does not include any knife or gun shapes.


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