Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The start of school has been pretty cool for the Kiddo. These past two weeks they’ve had “color days” where they all get to wear a specific color each day.

9-6-2011 red day9-8-2011 yellow day

The greatest thing about it is that so far the Kiddo has had a shirt for every single day. The kids also get to take an object of that color for each day, he’s gets to show his toy to the class and then take it out to play with during recess. Fun!

9-10-2011 cape in progress (2)

The ghost cape is coming right alone, I’ve got the thing sewn together but still need to figure out what type of clasp to use. I’m thinking the easiest thing is if I do a magnetic closure (I’ve got a few magnet buttons on hand from last year). After that it’s a matter of making the utility belt and figuring out if I make a black body suit or if I just buy him jeans and a black shirt (which he could wear for the rest of the year).

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