Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rocket Man

The Kiddo wants rocket feet like Iron Man. I thought about it and thought about it and just couldn’t wrap my mind around how to make something to strap to his legs/feet that would look great and not get thrashed. So I scrapped the idea and went with jet packs, one for him and one for his friend.

9-19-2011 rocket packs

Cheap and easy, all you need are two 2L soda bottles (we don’t drink soda so it forever to get four empty ones), some shiny silver poster board, and red and yellow crape paper streamers. That, tape, and some glue - - - - voila rocket packs!!

9-20-2011 rocket man (3)

I used elastic to make arm bands, problem is I can’t get the stuff to stick permanently to the silver paper, the glue sticks to the elastic but slides off the paper, and tape peals off… the Kiddo can still play in it but it requires constant fixing. I’m spending a few days thinking hard on a solution, if I cut the bottom off the bottle I could staple it but then it would lose a bit of it’s solid feel. Ideas?

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