Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winding Up

This past week has been filled with school prep. I didn’t go through the normal parent routine of getting the Kiddo ready for earlier days. I admit to be a little to selfish with my sleep, why get him up at seven if there’s no reason to?

8-23-2011 water park (3)8-23-2011 water park (5)

We did a little last minute pre-school year fun though. We went to a splash park with his friend T (the Kiddo is in the orange shirt in the first picture, and in the jean shorts in the second). He loved it!! For a kid that isn’t fond of getting his face and head wet he really did seem to enjoy playing in the water spray.

8-27-2011 second game (against tangerine) (1)8-27-2011 second game (against tangerine) (2)

8-27-2011 second game (against tangerine) (5)8-27-2011 team pictures (3)

We also had soccer practice and a game last week. The kids worked hard on the mechanics of kicking the ball, and the Kiddo wasn’t afraid to get into the mix of things. Team pictures were taken following the game, I’m not sure when we get the pictures so I took my own while the photographer was setting them up.

8-26-2011 school shopping8-25-2011 lunch box test run

Back to school shopping was done last week as well. We bought the Kiddo a bento style lunch box so that he could have just the right portion size container and keep things from getting squished. There’s a bigger bin that holds a half sandwich, and then the three compartment bin that holds fruit and cracker or other little snacks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t lose the thing (each piece is labeled with his name just in case).

Yesterday was the day we finally got to go in and meet his teacher. I was pleasantly blown away by Mrs. H’s focus on everything I told her. She has two kids with diabetes so she understands a little about what to look for if he isn’t feeling right (the symptoms can be similar). In a week or so we will have his medical meeting with all five first grade teachers, the school nurse, and the principle. Everyone gets educated on what he has and how it effects him in order to ensure he has the best possible care at school. The best part? The school has agreed that his emergency shot is essential and are training their office personnel to give it to him!! If something happens they will give him the shot AS they are calling 911, and then calling me. I no longer have to worry about staying close to his school while he is there, the relief is beyond explanation.

8-30-2011 ready for school (3)

I hope he does well in class, last years constant barrage of “the Kiddo didn’t focus today” has me on edge about how this year will go.. I think it’ll take me a week or two of interaction with his teacher to lose the worry about how he will handle this year. I am hopeful though, she seems fairly sharp and able to handle his distracted nature (she experienced it full scale yesterday so she knows what she’s in for).

He was ready for his first day of school this morning, pumped up and ready to go. Lunch box, water bottle, and a full back pack. I’m scared and optimistic about what he’ll tell me when we pick him up in two hours; here’s to hoping it was a good day!

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