Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to kick a ball

Yesterday was the Kiddo’s first soccer practice, I put him in his shoes and shin guards and some basketball shorts.

8-3-2011 first soccer practice (1)

He’s a little shorter then most of the kids but there is one boy who is the same height so he isn’t the only short one. He IS the only one who has never played soccer before but the coaches were really great. The Kiddo has a decent grasp on how to run into the mix and try to get the ball, he just needs to work on his technique.

8-3-2011 first soccer practice (2)….8-3-2011 first soccer practice (4)

The coach (Brian) spent some time showing him how to pass a ball with the inside toe of his foot. I loved how focused the Kiddo looked, he was really paying attention! He even did a little foot shift echo of the movement to make sure he understood. A little later Coach B spent time explaining to the kids that a stiff foot is the best way to power kick. I attempted to remember all the drills the kids did so I can work with him at home every day. My sister said she thought she had a size 3 soccer ball in AZ so we can practice when we’re down there too!

8-3-2011 first soccer practice (6)….8-3-2011 first soccer practice (7)

At the end of practice they handed out the uniforms. They lined the kids up from tall to short (you can see the other little boy standing next to the Kiddo). We put the kiddos shirt on right away to see how it fit him, it’s not bad… I bought a box of fruit snacks for after practices and games (to give his sugars a boost) and he was too excited about a ‘treat’ to look at the camera.

When we got home I put the socks and shorts on him for a quick ‘photo shoot’ so my readers could see how great he looks. Unfortunately the shorts are FAR to big and even cinched up they wont stay on so the photo shoot was done with his green shorts.

8-3-2011 uniform (1).8-3-2011 uniform (9).8-3-2011 uniform (4)

8-3-2011 uniform (5).8-3-2011 uniform (6)

Sometime before Saturday (his first game) we’ll buy him some black shorts that fit better. I’m proud of him he paid attention when Coach B was talking and he tried his best when it came time to play. He was extremely confused several times but even when he was going the wrong direction he was still kicking the ball and trying. I hope he keeps having this much fun through the whole season and I hope he keeps learning and doing his best.

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