Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ghost Man

Anybody: What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

Kiddo: I’m going to be my very own superhero, one that I made up… Ghost Man. I have a cape and a utility belt, and my superpower is that I can turn invisible so that the bad guys can’t get me.

10-31-2011 school ready ghost man (3)10-31-2011 ready for the school parade (2)

What he forgets to tell people is that he also has his very own superhero team. The members include the Man and myself plus most of his aunts and uncles. He’s named us the Naturals and the way he sees it if anything bad happens or he needs help figuring something out all he has to do is call one of us and we’ll help him solve his problem.

His back story to go with his costume character made this years Halloween so much fun. I love that it was unique to him and that he was the ONLY ghost man walking around.


(Ready to go trick or treating)


(We started by going around the nearby shopping center with his friend T)


(After that we hit Grandma’s neighborhood)


(He said this was his favorite, he loves walking house to house. He was so funny, as soon as he said thank you and turned around he’d run back to us shouting “I got another TREAT!! Lets go to the next house!”


(Mean as we are we made him wait till he got home to go through his candy. We were nice enough to let him pick one piece to eat before bed though. He picked the sweet tarts.


I loved this Halloween. The weather was great and he was happy the entire time. I think for him it ranks as one of the best days ever this year. I can’t wait until next year, I really get a kick out of making his costume and I love watching his joy in the holiday.


Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

I love that he invented his own super hero and you were able to make it come to life, what a great idea!

Lady D said...

It would be so awsome if you had dressed up as a Natural as well ;)
I am honored that I am included in his super hero team, I like that he knows that he can come to me with problems and I'll help solve them. I hope he remembers that in the future for more real world problems as well as the supernatural ones <3

Gwyneth said...

Thanks Lyns, the Kiddo definitely has a larger then life imagination!

D, I think he will. We plan to continue to foster in him the idea that he has many people he can turn to if he needs to talk and doesn't want to talk with us. :)


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