Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nine weeks, one day

Yesterday I had the first doctors visit to check on the new babies growth. I have been a little nervous about this visit because this pregnancy has been so different from my last. I have been constantly nauseous and sick at least once a day. I’m more tired then I can remember being with when I was pregnant with the Kiddo and I’m growing a lot quicker.


Of course I expected the quicker growth, I’ve read that second pregnancies do that. Still it HAS been seven years so I thought maybe I’d catch a break… the growing plus the sick made me worry that there might possibly be two kiddo’s in there.

The doc checked me out and said everything looked great but when she couldn’t hear a heartbeat with the Doppler she went ahead and ordered an ultra sound just to make sure things were okay and to confirm how far along I am.

Baby M_9 week (1) 001Baby M_9 Weeks (2) 001

The little one measures at nine weeks and has a pretty quick steady heartbeat of 171 beats per minute. I should be due sometime around August 13th (a Monday), that puts me about two and a half months after my sister has her baby girl!!

Anyway for now I’m looking forward to eventually not feeling sick and hoping that maybe the high heartbeat and extra morning sickness mean this ones a girl (two wives tales but still…). Next appointment is the start of February, I’m pretty sure I wont get an ultra sound with that one but I write up a blog anyway to let you know how things are progressing.


C said...

What a BEE-YOO-TEE-FULLL er, um, girl?, boy?, blob?, ... well, anyway, welcome to the family, new Kiddo-sibling :-)

C said...

PS: Some people swear by the acupressure anti-nausea wrist bands, although scientific studies say they are bunk and/or placebo effect. Well, science has also said there is no proof that vitamin C helps the immune system fight off colds and allergies, but my personal experience says it works so maybe the bands do too if your morning-sickness gets too awful.
Ginger is also supposed to help with unsettled tummies if your nausea is rooted there and not in your head (my motion sickness roots in my sinuses and the tummy jitters are an afterthought so I don't think ginger would help me be a happy sailor).


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