Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Back seven years ago when I was pregnant with the Kiddo I played music to my stomach using a cd player and a set of foam earphones. I'm not really sure how well that worked but I'd read that music was a good thing and the Kiddo turned out pretty smart. Now that I find myself pregnant again I wonder at the things I may have done right and the things I may have done wrong with that first go round.

My sister is pregnant as well and she just passed the sixteen week mark (which is when the fetus begins to be able to hear actual sounds rather then just vibrations). Since her little one can now hear I have been thinking about those studies regarding music and pregnancy a lot. Technology has come quite a ways in the last seven years and my google window shopping has discovered some really amazing to the womb music systems. The best I've found? The Ritmo... basically four speaker surround sound music using your ipod. Sounds like the best of all worlds, even better you can re-use at least half the system once the baby is born by attaching it to a kid proof speaker system.
Actually the best part is that if I had one I could record the Man reading a story and then play it for the baby so that even though he will be gone for the majority of my pregnancy our baby will still learn to recognize his voice. I think, if I'm reading things right, you can even hook it up to your phone (I wonder how the Man would feel about making a phone call to my stomach heh).

Obviously at 129 bucks (on amazon, click the picture to find the listing) I can't really afford one of these but I stumbled upon a blog where the author is giving one away. Needless to say I am entering, the contest ends January 5th (in two days) so if you want something like this then head over there and enter... meanwhile lets keep our fingers crossed for me!!

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Lynsey, Rob, Nate, Brynn, and Trey said...

That is interesting... too bad its expensive but that is cool.


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